Proposals and engagements

I recently read about a young man who for 6 months took selfies of himself and his girlfriend with ‘will you marry me’ messages in background. She was completely oblivious to it all and told him when he finally proposed to her face to face that she thought it was a project he was working on.
This lead me to think about proposals and what is the best way to pop the question?
A romantic meal followed by a ring placed in a glass of champaign or a dessert of choice, on a birthday with the ring wrapped up in a large box, at Christmas surrounded by family and friends or on the holiday of a lifetime.

I think it all depends on the people involved and what they like to do. It’s a very personal thing proposing, so perhaps do something different rather than the clich├ęs mentioned above. Here are a couple of examples of proposals that we really liked.
Here is a video clip of a friend of mine who proposed to his now wife through the use of a giant TV screen in the middle of a city centre. It certainly was a very big gesture and also very public, I guess he knew the answer would be yes. Here is how it looked!

For another couple I know, the now husband used their much beloved dog to deliver the ring on a beach when they out for one of their usual Sunday walks. She was caught very much by surprise.

All we can say is that every proposal is unique and should certainly be a day to remember.

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